Bringing you the best in modern waterproof PUL fabric.

Eco-PUL™ is a special type of laminated material. Our PUL fabric is waterproof, breathable and soft, making it the most comfortable PUL fabric to wear. Eco-PUL™ brand is the market leader in PUL fabric.

What makes it so wonderful? Eco-PUL™ is made in the USA, using an environmenally-friendly manufacturing process with no VOC emissions. It uses the latest in adhesive technology to achieve a strong bonded fabric that holds up to repeated washing. Plus, the adhesive is not a solid sheet - rather, the adhesive dot pattern that you see on the reverse (laminate) side of our PUL fabric allows for optimal vapor transmission - it releases heat and moisture as it is worn, keeing the wearer comfortable. Eco-PUL™ is stretchy and lightweight - never stiff, rubbery, or crackly.


Eco-PUL™ fabric is washable in hot water in commercial or home laundry; it can be autoclaved, and dry cleaned. It resists abrasion, is fire retardant, and anti-microbial.


Our PUL fabric is perferred for cloth diapers, pet items, wet bags and so much more. Create to your heart's content - Eco-PUL™ comes 27 colors and dozens of prints.


PUL fabric by Eco-PUL
Made in USA